It’s A Different World Ya’ll……


We recently learned George Clooney and his wife Amal, boarded a first class flight to England with their 6 month old twins and handed out noise canceling headphones to fellow passengers to ensure a peaceful flight if their babies disturb them.

Upon heading to teach in Harlem, flipped through Twitter feed and saw the 3–2 vote for the repeal of Net Neutrality. I seriously felt like why am I doing this if stuff like this is going to get in my way as a creative. I took a deep breath and then thought of The Clooneys — Tune out the noise from these babies. In life there will always be something. It is your attitude which will determine if it will get in your way.



Create a plan — get your business, health, and financial self together to help keep you on track.


Create a healthy network of trusted friends, family, colleagues, and mentors.


Try not to hold the funk in.


Step outside your comfort zone and try something new.


Make time to be human.

It’s a different world where we come from………

Episode Twelve Steps of Xmas (1991), A Different World via Very Random/Youtube

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