Fortress of Gratitude


The world as we know it — is what it is. The FCC looms over our head with the repeal of net neutrality, men in highly powerful roles are being [exposed] for exploiting their power, sprinkle all this in with our everyday concerns from family to work, simmering in thoughts of the good ole days, resenting our present, and worrying about our future — the weight of it all can make one just sit still. We put on pounds before Thanksgiving even arrives simply due to all of the calories of stress carried in our thoughts.

On my way to work to one of my many gigs on Thanksgiving Eve, this day as a swing dresser on Broadway, I was scrolling through social media, flipping back and forth between Instagram and Twitter to pass the time. A safe haven it was not, as my anxiety shot through the roof of the train; I have a month left with so much to accomplish and all the mess of the world in my way. As an artist I am completely aware of systems in place to force you to stay in your place.

My inner Empress:

Issa Rae- NO by Dawnie Marie

My four eyed and fabulous self tapped into her inner geek with images of the First Family of Krypton, Supergirl and Superman who both retreat to the Fortress of Solitude to center themselves; I think we should advise our super selves to do the same this Thanksgiving by retreating into The Fortress of Gratitude.

No matter all that is going on in the world we have to keep on moving; let no man put asunder. Everything is designed as a distraction —
The Fortress of Gratitude houses your resilience, your purpose, grit, strength, and the insurmountable power of all those who came before you. The system can’t fuck with you in this space. It is your internal generator. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to practice essential tactical retreat maneuvers. While at dinner when your uncle hits on your best friend [insert side eye here] or your mom chastises you for [insert whatever it is this time], and your grandmother asks why you [insert random comments from a woman with no filter], keep your head above family drama by putting it to the test with these simple steps. Do not engage; breathe, nod your head, smile, retreat and say “Isn’t that something?” Leave them dumbfounded as you sip your drink of choice in The Fortress of Gratitude.

You tried it. Not today.

Yours Truly on my way to work. Angela M. Fludd

The key to accessing this safe space is by remembering how amazing you are and that your time is indeed precious. Only you determine what you exhaust your magic upon. Systems exist not only out there in the world; the two systems we are introduced to are first within our families and the second is the one we choose to adopt for ourselves. In short — you are in charge of what you at ingest at dinner time.

Aside from vitamin C to battle illness during the coming winter months, we will need to build a fortress within ourselves so powerful to sustain the battle to win against the ills of this world.

Labelle System (Live in 1976) Courtesy of LoveofLabelle

I’m not here to bother you.
I don’t want to run your life.
It’s just that I’ve got another point of view.
There is a left and right.
Please don’t take that attitude.
Now who’s reflecting who?
I control the multitudes.
Tell me which one would you choose?
And it’s up to me whatever you’re gonna be in the end.

System. Don’t bother me.
System. Don’t worry me.
I’ve got to do what comes naturally.
And this system is killing me.

Oh system. Don’t you bother me.
I’ve been here for years and years and years.
I know the forms and tricks you take.
Half triples tears.
Please don’t look so put upon.
It’s only give and take.
And the games you play with lives and minds.
Leaves nothing in between.
And I know who you are.
But it’s up to me whatever she’s gonna be in the end.

System. Don’t bother me.
System. Don’t worry me.
I’ve got to do what comes naturally.
And this system is killing me.

“System” written by Nona Hendryx.©

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Stay Fashion Conscious.

Move Fashion Forward.©



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