Dream a Little Before You Think.

“As you enter positions of trust and power, dream a little before you think.”

— Toni Morrison

A thought.

It’s quite interesting how children are given the space to dream freely yet as they cross the bridge into adulthood one must abandon them in effort to be considered grown. The adult has access to societal resources to make those dreams come to fruition; The child has access to resources of hope and the wealth of imagination but the latter is buried within, locked away or worse — forgotten. So here we are — incomplete and unbalanced beings making decisions that affect society. Life is a journey to uncover all the pieces to help create you. You are born whole — you just need to get moving and shaking to find the keys to unlock all of the necessary doors. How are you truly able to manifest power and wield it responsibly in any position if the best parts of you remain hidden behind closed doors?

Suit styled and designed by Angela M. Fludd, Hair by Jada Israel, Photography by Ellis Dawson

Let us practice:


Dream about the kingdom of you. What does it look like? Build it brick by brick — flip on the HGTV channel in your brain. Now step through the door into the foyer. At every turn there are endless hallways and doors leading to the infinite possibilities of you.


Think of all of the people, circumstances, challenges and blessings over the course of your life. Now close your eyes and believe everything you have faced has held a key to unlock a different piece of you.


Trust yourself. Always remember never to leave the house without your keys. You have what it takes to show up fully, responsibly, and mindfully to handle whatever lands at your doorstep. Trust there is a place for you in this wild and menacing world. Your impact might be subtle — but it will be enough.


Power is only as solid as the foundation you draw it from.

Build your kingdom wisely. Hold steadfast to those dreams; think deeply of how to bring them to life; trust that anything is possible and once you’ve put everything into action — you might just wake others up to do the same. Lead yourself to water before you can anyone else. As you navigate the world aim to inflict minimal damage as possible — unless it is absolutely necessary. To create at times might involve pain or breaking something down or apart to make room for the new. Never stop learning, never stop growing, never stop being you.

Stay Fashion Conscious.

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Originally published at https://www.theempressofstylebydesign.com on January 4, 2021.

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