Act Like You Are Worthy


I woke up this morning not wanting to go to pilates due to a late night of writing. I woke up at 10am; I just laid there without an urge insight to get up. This wasn’t a “rise and shine” kind of morning but more of “I will rise another time” kind of vibe. My future self booked my pilates appointment the night prior in an effort to get ahead of my current self. My current self did exactly what I expected — I didn’t want to go. I put on my robe, made a cup of coffee, and ironically sat down to watch the DIY channel. I eventually shoved my body into the shower, put on work out clothes, my trusty Levi’s leather biker jacket, and Stella McCartney leopard print sneakers. I slicked back my hair into a ponytail and off I went.

While on the subway platform I calculated my gym membership to be approximately hundred bucks. Think about what we would typically spend that amount on — a hundred bucks on a pair of new shoes, new outfit, the beauty salon, probably a new phone, or even a meal out with friends. We would army crawl into work for a hundred dollars (before taxes). We are so quick to hit the snooze button on ourselves. We want it to be easy. Why go through the pain of stretching beyond our capabilities? It is so comfortable right here or is it?

Let us fast forward.

My pilates class was awesome. I am sore as all hell. But I am grateful.

It definitely beats a spirit sore with regret.

Now since I am feeling myself I have a workout for you. Yes you.

Go to the closest mirror, switch your cellphone to selfie mode, or grab someone’s spoon at the nearest table and let us begin.

Colorist: Jada Israel, Headscarf by Totes, Photo by Angela M. Fludd
  1. Mimic my hand gesture in the photo above. (I know your hand is heavy but you can do it. Cause I believe in you.)
  2. Act like you are a big deal. Cause you are.

2. Act like you are high maintenance. Cause you are — food and toilet paper cost money.

3. Act like you are worthy. Cause you are — Now allow your future self to book your next gym class ahead of your current self so you don’t screw it up.

Get ahead of your own b.s.

Stay Fashion Conscious.

Move Fashion Forward. ©



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